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Are you interested in working in the rapid changing IT sector? You are creative, dedicated and reliable? Our offer to you is freedom and flexibility to work anywhere at any time, giving you the ability to manage your own time.

Join Us.

At Genectiva we are a devoted organization of individuals who work together towards the common goal of business success. Our company culture is founded on solid characteristics of honesty, integrity and commitment.

You are eager to work with fellow professionals who are keen on creating and maintaining world-class applications and award-winning services. You are eager to join a team and help effectively service an existing and continuously growing Client base. You are looking for a company where you are free to demonstrate a high level of talent and skills, and where you will be appreciated and respected for all you can do.

We are always looking for top-notch abilities and aptitudes, and we encourage and cultivate a work environment where our employees are motivated to be creative and productive. We pride ourselves on empowering our staff, and achieving an environment focused on learning, education and continuous training.

At Genectiva we believe in the diversity of our work force. Our people are our number one winning strategy which is why we strive to attract and retain the very best the industry has to offer.

Please forward your application including a CV and your contact details to


At Genectiva we have a philosophy of being thin, and we encourage everyone to do the same. We have found a way to grow faster, building up a comunity of freelancing members. This membership offers the oportunity to anyone with the correct profile, to get a task. It offer us the oportunity to have the job done really quick.

If you know what we mean, this philosophy can be compared with the parallel processing in oposition to batch processing, is considerably fast and with the right quality assurance, the result is fantastic.

Please forward your application with your competences and your contact details to