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We are a team of dreamers working all over the globe to connect you with your customers and help your customers connect with each other in new and exciting ways.

Meet the team

We value diversity and versatility. We know that great ideas can come from anyone, any where, at any time. And we know that learning and sharing new skills is the key to future success. Yes, the work is challenging and the industry is changing. But it's been that way from day one. That's what makes it interesting.

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    João Correia

    Founder, CEO, Business Development, R&D

    João has a degree in Computer Engineering from COCITE/ISIG in Lisbon. He is a founder of Genectiva, CEO and also responsible for Business Development and Strategy. But for him, living without being involved in Research & Developing is just impossible, this is his passion. This is why he embraces every dream that crosses his way.

    Before founding Genectiva, João have gained his experience by summing up more than eleven years of experience in Information Technology field.

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    Tânia Correia

    Founder, CFO, R&D

    Tânia has a degree in Biotechnology Engineering from Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias (Lisbon) and attended executive education courses at Formipsis amongst other institutions. Research & Development is in her blood, her life excitement is in the ability to make new discoveries in her field of expertise.

    Before joining Genectiva, Tânia gained her experience working for several companies of different areas, such as insurance, bank, health and real-estate consultancy.

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    Joaquim Correia

    Strategic Planning, Head of Operations

    An operations and resource management strategist, who manages all quality related issues for Genectiva clients as well as provides required in-house support for the employees. Joaquim brings to this organization more than 20 years of rich industry experience in Operations Management, Resource Management and Employee relations and is able to relate to the mentioned areas in giving a firm base for the client satisfaction and company growth.

External Resources

As a thin organization, Genectiva uses a pool of Previously Selected Human Resources for each project requirements. Some of this external employees are contracted and work on Genectiva Offices, others are freelancers and contracted for specific tasks. These contracted freelancers report to Genectiva Project Managers.